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The utmost important upfront: The Easy Live Community & Blockchain Network platform is definitely not one more simple MLM or affiliate network.

The Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network platform (short ELC), represents the world‘s first and only all-in-one community where all members participate in the advertising revenue, receive purchase discounts or optional purchase price refunds of up to 80% (ideally up to 100%), shopping & sales commissions, usage rights of shares and all offered add on services such as advertisements, auctions, crowdfunding and more for free. All for lifetime.

ELC automatically shares a tremendous part of its annual advertising revenue with its members.

Beside the automatically participation in the advertising revenue and all the benefits listed below, each registrant will receive free usage rights of stocks1) (the right to vote and the right to receive the annual dividend), thus becoming a real, co-determining and additionally participating member.

According to the chosen member type and especially completely WITHOUT ANY WORK AND WITHOUT ANYTHING TO SELL (ELC members do nothing else than in other well-known social media) ELC offers

PRIVATE PERSONS - ELC designates this membership as "PRIVATE MEMBER"

  • progressive increasing participation in the advertising revenue;
  • progressive increasing shopping discounts;
  • elective (instead of the discount) "Purchase Price Refunds" of up to 80% (ideally, even up to 100%) wherever, whenever, whatever a member buys and however high the price maybe2);
  • shopping commissions for all purchases of onetime invited friends and their followers;
  • sales commissions for all sales worldwide of an/all onetime invited Business Member/s";
  • additional commissions for active cooperation, e.g. as news editor, radio or TV presenter, talk show host or similar;
  • as well as the free-to-use3) community, classifieds, auctions, crowdfunding service, news, radio & TV, entertainment offers (except some special competitions) and much more ...

    Grandiose additional option for private persons, respectively a "Private Member":

    ELC makes it fully risk-free for all "Private Members" possible to become self-employed within the community.
    Upon request will ELC's provide the by the "Private Member" desired products, offer all the advantages of a "Business Member" (see below) and undertake all business transactions from the invoicing to returns to sales taxes and more.
    At the end of each month, the respective gross income from sales will be credited to the member account. It's that easy.
    In the event of a failure, ELC will take back all the remaining goods. No risk at all.
    In the case of corresponding success, ELC offers the spin-off and independent establishment of an own company from A-Z at the most favorable conditions.

    Read more about at: "Become Self-Employed" >>

SELF-EMPLOYED ENTREPRENEUR or COMPANIES - ELC designates this membership as = "BUSINESS MEMBER" benefit*) from

  • all offers of a private person - "PRIVATE MEMBER" as listed above

    and of course highest possible sales promotion on the basis of

  • the access to the permanently increasing number of members;
  • ELC's PURCHASE PRICE REFUND SYSTEM without any costs;
  • full unlimited vendor access to the online shop;
  • free usage of the seminar platform;
  • notice to all members immediately after your setup;
  • special listing (company presentation) in the community
  • and different other powerful recurring marketing services, e.g. quarterly mention in the newsletter and more ...

An extended form of company membership represents the "BUSINESS PREMIUM MEMBER" who enjoys following further advantages

  • one free and permanentely changable targeted advertising;
  • 50% rebate for up to 3 additional targeted advertising campaigns;
  • one free participation in a LIVE SHOPPING SHOW per year including unlimited usage rights of the promotion video;
  • 50% rebate for up to 3 additional participations in a LIVE SHOPPING SHOW

    and especially

  • discounts or refunds for all own business/company shopping, including merchandise, work and office equipment, even business investments and much more ...

    Spezial option for "Business Member":

    Upon request offers ELC all "Business Members" the complete business processing - depending on the request - from the placement of products or services in the shop, over the national, continental to the worldwide dispatch, the billing, the dunning (usually not necessary since all customers pay online and in advance) up to the returns.

    More information about the business membership can be found at: "Business Member Info" >>


ELC is in fact and in truth a real cooperative community where not only - as usual - the providers (owners, shareholders, manager, etc.) but first time and worldwide uniquely all members benefit.

Why do we offer this, why are we so generous?

Because we particularly wish, not only but mainly to promote the consumption of sustainable, human-ecological products and services - see also "Philosophy & Mission" >>

1) Shares are not transferred at any time. The shares are always owned by ELC. However, each member will receive a certificate for the use and may participate in votes (each share is one vote) as well as the annual dividend (credited to the member account) during the entire term of his membership.

2) A basic explanation of the function of the Purchase Price Refunds can be found under: 80% Cashback - How? >>

3) Most of ELC's services, e.g. Classifieds, Crowdfunding, news, radio & TV are free for all members. Only some special services, e.g. special games, competitions, seminars, etc. can be charged.