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UNION LEADER (m/f) - conceptuality, cooperation basis, required qualifications, training, tasks and remuneration


Union Leaders are, as the name already says, executives (managers) of an association (union) of all potential and existing ELC members (private and business) from a number of around 250,000 households each of the respective residential environment of the Union Leader.

Cooperation basis:

The cooperation of a Union Leader with ELC is based on a license agreement, respectively on a franchise agreement.
Independent of the function and the special rights of a Union Leader, he/she always has the full rights/permission of a "Business Premium Member".
There is a corresponding license / franchise fee to be paid by each Union Leader when the license / franchise agreement is concluded, which includes the entry into the business, in particular the costs of the basic training.
Two-thirds of this fee may also be paid in ten part-payments during the ten-month basic training course.
ELC does not impose a fixed fee on prospective applicants, but instead leaves it to the respective applicant to make a proposal which is appropriate and affordable to him / her according to the offered services, training and income.

Required qualifications:

Apart from a fundamental human-ecological and sustainable attitude, a corresponding commercial vocational training (office or sale) or business studies and a corresponding professional experience of as little as 3 years), as well as the willingness to participate in and to finisch a ten-month internal training (mainly weekly on-line training).
Participation in further ongoing information meetings once a month online, as well as once per quarter year overregional local (at state level) and once a year internationally understand themselves.


Applicants accepted by ELC as a Union Leader and who have paid the license / franchise fee (at least the first third, in case of partial payment) must take part in a ten-month basic training and complete it successfully.
Such training always starts quarterly (for new Union Leaders).
During the first four weeks of this training, during which the effective activity can not be undertaken, the new Union Leader will learn everything about the philosophy of ELC and the function and use of the online platform (also backend), as well as the ultimate pursue the activity itself.
The continuation of the internal instructions provides information and training on the following topics: human ecology, sustainability, employee management, management, rhetoric, marketing, in particular web marketing, among others.


Union Leaders primarily have to supervice existing members, in particular "Business Member" and "Business Premium Member", in exceptional conditions, incidents and / or desires, which are not automatically handled by ELC in the course of the standard administration.
In addition, Union Leaders have to support the telemarketer (business only) of the respective region (Union), as well as to contribute themselves to the acquisition.
In addition, a Union Leader - from about half the duration of basic training - has to hold webinars and web lectures on the current topics of ELC once a month.
It is important to note that, with the exception of the initial training with a weekly effort of around 3-5 hours (participation in the webinars and execution of the tasks), the task is / is designed in such a way that the respective workload is similar to the bestseller "The 4-Hour-Workweek" by Timothy Ferriss (this book belongs to compulsory education during basic education).


Union Leaders are profit-sharing partners of ELC.

Beside all the standard emoluments of a "Private Member" up to a "Business Premium Member", this success or revenue participation is primarily made up of premium and subsequent payments, respectively donations of new and existing "Business Members" and "Business Premium Members", from pruchasing commissions for purchases from all ELC members and sales commission of all "Buiness Members" and "Business Premium Members" of the respective region, as well as other special payments.

Union leaders may expect a far above-average and permanently increasing annual income of a manager in the private sector.

Application and further information:

If you meet the above described requirements and are interested in the task of a Union Leader, please fill out the noncommittal application form and we will contact you as soon as possible with further information.

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