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A vast and transcending global problem too many people miss but which affects us all is the hunger in the world and the future shortage of drinking water.

About 850 million people are starving on our planet and have no drinking .
The United Nations predicts that within only a few years, about 5 billion people, these are about 60% of the world's population, will have no more drinking water.

Already nowadays every 5 seconds a child under 10 years dies of hunger.
It is inconceivable – believe it or not - but since you start reading only this four lines, TWO - 2!!! - children under 10 years died of of starvation – on our planet – in our neighborhood!

All this although we are able to feed more than 12 billion people due to our global food production, but we there are only about 8 billion people living on our planet.
Professor Jean Ziegler, a professor of sociology, former member of the Swiss parliament and special correspondent to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, wrote in his book, “The New Rulers of the World – and those who resist them” that every human being, who dies from hunger today, is undeniably a murder victim!

In this context, we also can’t and should not rely on the various non-profit organizations.

Nowadays, almost every day appear new non-profit organizations, campaigning - around the clock - for your help, asking you for your kind donation.
The oldest and best known of such organizations exist already for over 50 years and longer, but none of them, no matter what they claim to take care of, could achieve effective global improvements.
On the contrary, no matter whether they claim to take care for human rights, for the environment, for species protection, the protection of the rain forest or the poorest people in the world, the situation is getting worse day by day.

That's why one of our approaches relates to the efficient and long-term assistance to the poorest people on the planet.

After we have realized that - apart from relatively ineffective attempts to raise awareness – most charitable ways only correspond to a treatment of the symptom but are not efficient global solutions, we – also belonging this problem - come up with something special.

Most likely you've already heard the saying:
"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day,
but teach a man to fish and you feed him for life!"

Our solution for the poor and hungry people on our planet has this statement to the base.

Granted, the first part of the solution is not new and was not our idea.
It was already realized – exactly the way wel do it.
This is actually very good, so we know that it works.

We will erect completely independent ECO villages with the entire necessary infrastructure for 250 to 1,000 poor and starving families per village.

Every major profession, such as farmers, bakers, butchers, tailors, shoemakers, teachers, bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, and so on should be present at least once in each village, so that each village will become self-sustaining village community the community can get their own.
Can‘t be found this necessary professional diversity, we will offer appropriate training by experts.

The poor families have to apply already before construction begins and will be selected according to their abilities, respectively professions. The selected families will – supported by experts – already get involved in the construction process and they will work against free meals and accommodation.

The villages will – in accordance with the ecological footprint – be established on about 1.8 hectare land per future inhabitant. We will either purchase the necessary land or – we hope so – it will be – minimum partly – provided by the respective governments.

The complete construction of such a village, until it becomes self-supporting, takes only about one and a half up to two and a half years.

The management of these villages is roughly equivalent to a public limited company, which markets the overproduction of agricultural products, food, clothing and so on externally.
We will assist in the sale – not least via our site and especially our shop and live media shopping shows.

As a result, each family and the village administration itself will obtain and income and must – upon special agreements and similar to mortgages – repay the costs for the houses and the start-up costs for the infrastructure.

So much for the first part of my extremely efficient and actually useful project.

Now, let’s talk about the second part of this project.

Of course establishing such ECO villages requires money, means your kind support and donation.

We have called this charitable approach "One Dollar World Project".

Why? Because it‘s our dream, our vision that every person living in one of the wealthy industrialized nations  donates one dollar a month.
For not only one person in the wealthy countries of the world - not even for someone who is just out of work and who receives only unemployment benefits - a single dollar per month will carry weight. A donation of just one dollar a month will not strike us in the slightest.

Just imagine:
We are about 1.2 billion people in the wealthy countries and about the half, this are 500 million people obtain a monthly income.
If all this people would donate only one dollar a month no one would be financiall burdened, but we would reach a monthly donation volume of approximately 500 million dollars.

Since in the poor countries of the world neither land nor the construction of houses costs a lot of money, the monthly funds - believe it or not – would allow us to erect 10 such, completely self-sufficient villages for up to 1,000 families, what means roughly 3,000 to 5,000 poor and hungry people per village.
10 villages corresponds to an overall assistance for approximately 30,000 to 50,000 people per month.
In just only one year we already have helped about half a million people, we gave them hope, a job and a steady income. This is what we call useful aid according to the saying: „Teach a man to fish!“.
This is our dream, our vision.

It is easily possible to help half a million people annually to a completely new liveable life.

But as for our economic approaches offered via our community plattform, we again offer specific, separate incentives.

Another unique feature is connected with your donation for the "One Dollar World Project".

We call it: "Participation Donation"!

Due to the fact that the respective village residents will repay the invested value – as usual on the market - your original donation flows back.
And you can decide whether you want to take the money or to donate it again.
It goes whitout saying, that in the case you’ll donate this money again we can develop the "One Dollar World Project" much faster, means we can erect more humane ECO villages whitin a much shorter time.

Final info:

The one-dollar donation per month, therefore $ 12 per year is intended for individuals. We expect a monthly donation of $ 10, therefore $ 120 per year, from small or medium-sized businesses, while for large corporations a monthly donation of $ 100, hence $ 1,200 per year, should not be a major effort.

For every donation you will receive a beautiful donation, respectively support certificate from us.

Here you can pay your donation >>