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Member Types:

Generally, we distinguish between four member types, the "Private Member", the "Business Member", the "Business Premium Member" and the "Union Leader".

  • The "Private Member" is reserved for individuals (customers).
  • The "Business Member" is for self-employed persons and companies who cooperate with ELC (see also "Business Member Info")
  • The "Business Premium Member" is an expanded form of the "Business Member" with much more rights and benefits (see also "Business Member Info")
  • "Union Leaders" are specially group, respectively region managers (very similar to franchisees).

Member Steps (increase of emoluents):

Except the "Union Leader" all forms of memberships, the "Private Member", the "Business Member" as well as the "Business Premium Member" start as BASIC member and will receive the basic emoluments (read more about the respective emoluments at: Member: Emoluments)

This BASIC starting position of each member can  - entirely voluntary – be increased by simple onetime invitations of friends or business partners.
All is definitely based on NO WORK - NO SALES! ELC members just need - as with other social media, communities or networks - to invite friends to join the community. That's it, it's so easy.

This increase corresponds to the respective member steps as follows:

  • Basic    = standard membership (new member immediately after registration);
  • Step 1 = standard membership plus one invited friend/partner;
  • Step 2 = standard membership plus two invited friends/partners;
  • Step 3 = standard membership plus three invited friends/partners;
  • Step 4 = standard membership plus four invited friends/partners
  • Step 5 = standard membership plus five invited friends/partners.

The higher the respective increase (steps) attained, the higher the percentage of all emoluments (see also '"Member: Emoluments").