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All emoluments listed below apply to all member types (Private, Business and Business Premium) equally.

Standard Emoluments:

Member Steps DISCOUNT
for OWN shoppings
for all purchases
of one-time invited friends
for all sales of a/all
one-time invited
"Business Member/s"
in the advertising revenue
BASIC 3%   11.75%
of the discount
(see the left column)
a successfully3)
invited friend

for life    



on all sales
via ELC
of the respective
"Business Member(s)"
for life,
as long as this
"Business Member(s)"
continues in his/their

 10%  30%
STEP 01  4% 15%  40%
STEP 02  5% 20%  50%
STEP 03  6%  25%  60%
STEP 04  7%  30%  70%
STEP 05  8,5%  35%  80%


1) For all future shopping via ELC of friends a member successfully invited, he'll always receive a commission of 11.75% (eleven comma five percent) of the rebate the successful invited member got for his shopping - for life.

2) In case one or more of the invited friends, no matter which one, the first, the second or the fifth or even the seventh, is a business person or a company and will register as a "Business Member" or "Business Premium Member", the inviting member will receive for all sales of this/these friend(s)/member(s) 0.5% commission on all his/their sales via ELC worldwide, for life, respectively as long as this/these "Business Member(s)" and you continues in his/their/your membership.

3) A successful referral/invitation arises whenever a member invited a completely NEW member - a friend who was not (never before) a community member (friendship invitations within the community among existing members are not counted as successful invitation).


Automatic additional BONUS remuneration

Additionally to the emouluments listed in the table above, each member will receive an automatic bonus remuneration on all shoppings of onetime invited friends as well as their invited friends and so on.

This automatic bonus payment applies exclusively to products specifically identified in the article number in the shop with the prefix "ELC_".

Table of the automatic bonus remuneration:

Invitations Level Commission
Own Invitations 1 2 %
Their Invitations 2 1,5 %
And so on ... 3 1,25 %
4 1 %
5 0,75 %
6 0,5 %


By this means it is even possible for a member to create a secondary or even chief income as well as a secondary or even chief pension as long as a membership maintains, if one want so, for life. All only through this one-time invitations of friends.
If a member maintain his membership until death, his heirs are entitled to continuing commission payments.