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New book by our initiator, “my future presents itself” will be published in January 2019

The new book, “my future presents itself” by Mario Eduard Giovanelli offers an exciting, entertaining, instructive and above all useful excerpt from his new book, as follows:

We are already in the middle of the greatest social, economic and political upheavals since the industrial revolution (mid-18th to early 19th century).

By the year 2025, due to many factors such as environmental and climate Issues, digitization, robotics, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and the (financial) economy & policy applied in this context, our entire professional and private lives will completely change.

A major factor resulting from these developments is the fact that more and more jobs are being lost. Scientists and economists predict that in the next few years, every second job will disappear completely, means:

Placation from the political side, which still lead to a comforting assertion that other, new occupational would arise are correct to a small extent, but do not change the mass unemployment, because very few people are trained accordingly for the new, highly technical occupations and, they¬† don’t have the necessary qualifications to be retrained.

Fewer jobs mean more unemployed people. More unemployed people are causing a huge reduction in purchasing power and much higher social spending, which will damage the global (financial) economy, in addition to the already rising costs of environmental problems and the overaging.

Therefore, more and more far-sighted experts are calling for an unconditional basic income for all. Unfortunately, broad public opinion on this matter is very divided due to misunderstandings and the policy reacts as usual, initially to the wishes of large corporations and generally too hesitant.

The new book “my future presents itself”, helps you to recognize these trends and to profit even multiple times from the changes by clever, timely counteraction . At the same time, you will be presented with numerous options how to achieve this, completely free of charge.