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The “easy life .community” & blockchain network platform represents the world‘s first and only global – mainly sustainable and human ecological oriented – alternative business & finance community platform on cryptocurrency basis which offers all registered users (private individuals and companies = members)

  • financial participation in the advertising revenue (of the complete platform, e.g. the web search, the community and more);
  • 100% purchase price refund on all shopping – also for business needs and merchandise (wherever, whenever, whatever a member buys and however high the price maybe);
  • financial protection against possible financial crash through the use of its own cryptocurrency, “GLOBE” for any internal and external payment transactions;
  • free usage rights of stocks (the right to vote and the right to receive the annual dividend)

and more. All for lifetime.

ELC can be assumed as a perfect combination of Facebook, Amazon, Bitcoin, live media shopping shows and more.
The key difference: at ELC, all users and customers worldwide are for the first time fully automatically involved in the financial success.
All for life, even inheritable, without registration and membership fees and without any work and time exposure.

In other words: we offer all our members an unconditional basic income. Through our own cryptocurrency we additionally protect them from possible financial crashes.
Due to our mainly human ecological and sustainable orientation, we also make a significant contribution to environmental protection and humanity.

Our members become real, co-determining partners as it in fact should be in a fair and reliable social community worth being labeled as such!