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Our new cryptocurrency GLOBE is released

The name of our own cryptocurrency is “Global Payback Coin”. The trade code is “GLOBE”.

Read all about it at: “GLOBE – Detailed Info”
Check the “White Paper”
Find “GLOBE at Etherscan”

“GLOBE” can be used by anyone worldwide as a means of payment for both online and local business transactions.

However, our “Global Payback Coin”, short and trade code “GLOBE”, has – as the name implies – Payback – primarily been created for the use and exploitation of our purchase price refund program.
All affiliated companies worldwide that offer our purchase price refund system accept “GLOBE” and all our international customers who wish to benefit from our purchase price refund can pay with “GLOBE”.

All our transactions, both, within our platform (online), as well as outside (local), including purchases and sales of goods, orders for services, placement of targeted ads or advertisements within our own search engine and so on can be done in the respective announced currency or in “GLOBE”.

In addition to the fact that all transactions within our platform (online) can be traded (paid and / or remunerated) using our own cryptocurrency, “GLOBE”, our “Business Premium Members” accept payments with “GLOBE” also in their local shops (if available).

Credits on the member accounts of the Easy Life Community, such as discounts, purchase price refunds, commissions, etc. are always only in “GLOBE”, means the account management of the Easy Life Community takes place exclusively in “GLOBE”.

Of course “GLOBE” can be changed at any time into any, desired state currency and transferred to any account (you will find instructions for this under: Acquisition and exchange of “GLOBE”).
Due to the two main reasons that led to the creation of the “GLOBE” and which also correspond to the main missions of the Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network (see: Main Reasons and Missions), we strongly recommend each member to use “GLOBE” as general means of payment, therefore to acquire “GLOBE” either immediately after registering, or at the latest before purchasing or ordering a service.

The meaningful and future-oriented business behind our new cryptocurrency “GLOBE” automatically offers all users an “UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME”, “100% PURCHASE PRICE REFUNDING” wherever, whenever, whatever they buy and how high the price may be and full protection from a financial crash in fiat currencies (read more about at: Main Reasons and Missions).

A very important note in advance: the “Unconditional Basic Income” and the “100% Purchase Price Refunds” we are talking about DEFINITELY DON’T base on our cryptocurrency, the ICO, any speculation in it, or (as some assume prematurely) a so-called “Ponzi Scheme”, but solely on the technologies in our main Internet portal, the Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network. More information can be found in our White Paper and of course everywhere on our pages, especially under: 100% Payback – How?


The “easy life .community” & blockchain network platform represents the world‘s first and only global – mainly sustainable and human ecological oriented – alternative business & finance community platform on cryptocurrency basis which offers all registered users (private individuals and companies = members)

  • financial participation in the advertising revenue (of the complete platform, e.g. the web search, the community and more);
  • 100% purchase price refund on all shopping – also for business needs and merchandise (wherever, whenever, whatever a member buys and however high the price maybe);
  • financial protection against possible financial crash through the use of its own cryptocurrency, “GLOBE” for any internal and external payment transactions;
  • free usage rights of stocks (the right to vote and the right to receive the annual dividend)

and more. All for lifetime.

ELC can be assumed as a perfect combination of Facebook, Amazon, Bitcoin, live media shopping shows and more.
The key difference: at ELC, all users and customers worldwide are for the first time fully automatically involved in the financial success.
All for life, even inheritable, without registration and membership fees and without any work and time exposure.

In other words: we offer all our members an unconditional basic income. Through our own cryptocurrency we additionally protect them from possible financial crashes.
Due to our mainly human ecological and sustainable orientation, we also make a significant contribution to environmental protection and humanity.

Our members become real, co-determining partners as it in fact should be in a fair and reliable social community worth being labeled as such!