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Imagine that in the future, you could offer small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to grant their customers purchase price refunds of up to 100% on all their purchases without these companies having to pay one cent for themselves.

At the same time, your offer would include participation in online live broadcasts of product launches and sales shows, permanent online fairs, and the use of constantly modifiable targeted advertising packages.
Of course, these companies would automatically benefit from purchase price refunds on their own merchandise and business needs, as well as have unrestricted access to an international online store within an all-in-one community portal.

Everything at less than a tenth of current market costs.

If you can imagine that you will be well-received with the offer of such a sales-promoting, cost-effective and therefore easy-to-sell service package and you will thus build up an interesting career at the provincial level, then our job offer is just right for you.

Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network International is the world's first and only "all-in-one Internet platform" at which both private users and especially companies of all industries (preferably sustainable, biologically, and / or human ecologically oriented) participate in the economic success of the platform at several stages.

Self-employed persons and companies who opt for the extended membership of the "Business PREMIUM Member" receive a total service package for less than one tenth of the usual costs, which gives them an enormous marketing advantage over competitors and significant sales increases.

These special services include, among other things, the ability to offer all customers purchase price refunds up to 80%, ideally even up to 100% without having to pay a penny, participation in the live broadcast of product launches and sales shows, as well as permanent online fairs. Furthermore “Business PREMIUM Members” will have permanently modifiable packages of targeted advertising and in particular purchase price refunds on their goods and business needs and many other benefits.


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For the purpose of marketing this offer in the US, UNITED KINGDOM, CANADA and AUSTRALIA, we are looking for an

Independent Field Representative and/or Commercial Agent

[certainly, also beginners]

per provincial capital for an extraordinary, simple and nevertheless far above-average honored task with an excellent career opportunity.

Your tasks:

  • Acquisition of business customers from all industries

  • Consultation about and sale of our "Business PREMIUM Member" complete service package, including all the above mentioned special promotional advantages

  • Registration of new accounts into our database

  • Cooperation with the internal administration and regular reporting

  • Customer support and (telephone) support providing information in simple technical or commercial questions

  • Easy set-up and expansion of a customer base (see also below: Special uniqueness)

Your profile:

  • You already have experience as an independent field representative or commercial agent, or are working as a commercial agent (and have the necessary official approvals), or

  • You are communicative, distinguished by best manners, reliability, a well-groomed appearance, as well as very good knowledge and mastery of the local official language

  • You are creative and can work purposefully

  • You are able to quickly get involved in complex situations

  • You enjoy selling and developing an offer in a team

    Other prerequisites:
    You have a laptop or tablet with mobile internet access and own a vehicle.

Our offer:

  • An exceptional, unrivaled, cost-effective, thus easy to sell service

  • Best training and ongoing support, as well as further training according to your progress and success

  • Perfect backoffice for optimal sales management and easy organization

  • Long-term partnership

  • Independent activity as a commercial agent

  • Personal and professional advancement and a long-term perspective

Salary, commissions & contract:

You have the choice between a permanent position as a customer advisor in the field or a freelance work as an independent sales representative.
For the first time after a probation period or a trial cooperation of 3 months you are welcome to change from a permanent position to self-employment or vice versa.

Permanent position:

If you are looking for a permanent position, you will - during the probation period of 3 months - be paid a monthly starting salary of $ 400,00 (four hundred dollars) per month. In addition, you will receive a gross commission of $ 400.00 (four hundred dollars) per successful transaction.
Consequentl and depending on your commitment you may expect a starting gross salary of approximately $ 2,000 to $ 2,800.00 during your three-month probation period.

If you meet the fair minimum order requirement during the three-month probation period, you will automatically be placed in a permanent position with an initial monthly fixed salary of $ 1,800.00 (one thousand eight hundred dollars) gross and an additional commission of $ 450.00 (four hundred and fifty dollars) gross per successful conclusion of business.
Thus you may - depending on your commitment - expects a monthly gross salary of around $ 3,200.00 to $ 4,500.00 but also far more.

Freelance work as sales representative

As an independent sales representative, you will receive a gross commission of $ 800.00 (eight hundred dollars) per successful transaction.
As a result, you will achieve a monthly gross income of approx. $ 3,200.00 to $ 4,800.00 or even much more.

Special uniqueness:

Due to the fact that "Business PREMIUM Member" can fully take advantage of their performance potential, in particular the purchase price refunds for their merchandise, their own office and / or workshop requirements, as well as refunds for their company investments, etc. from every client you will automatically get the new potential customer contact details of all their partners and suppliers.
This not only guarantees you the best references and almost infinite contact addresses, but - if you wish - also opens the possibility of a special career.


Since you are receiving countless references (contacts from partners, suppliers, etc.) within a relatively short period of time, it will no longer be possible for you to capitalize on this potential alone. For this reason, we support you - if desired - in the development of your own team of consultants, or enable you to become a UNION-LEADER.

In case you are interested in a future-oriented business and an innovative team, please send us your detailed application and information on your possible starting date to contact[at]easylifecommunity[dot]com
Contact person: Mr. Mario Eduard Giovanelli

Applications from career changers are also welcome. You will learn about all further details as well as the basic conditions for this independent activity.

mario eduard giovanell easy life community