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Become completely risk-free self-employed with the help of ELC.

You are a registered "Private Member" and interested to start your own online business without risk?
ELC helps you realize your dream!

How does it work?

  1. Just choose - for now only ONE - product with which you can personally identify.
    Note: many people became billionaires with ONLY ONE PRODUCT, and many companies started with and/or are still selling ONLY ONE SINGLE PRODUCT and are generating billions (such as Red Bull, Coca Cola, etc.).
    You need ONLY ONE SINGLE PRODUCT to become a successful (online) merchant.

    In addition: choose a product with a final price below $ 100. The cheaper your product, the easier your start. Products at a price below $ 100 are much easier and faster to sell on the Internet.
  2. Inform ELC by email about your intention to become self-employed within the company and about your desired product.

  3. ELC will make you to three proposals for your desired product.

  4. If you agree to the proposal or one of the proposals, ELC will make this product available to you in small numbers at the retail price.
    The more expensive your desired product the less, e.g. only 3 - 5 pieces, the cheaper, the more, e.g. 25 - 50 or 100 pieces, will be provided to you.
    You do not need storage and you do not need to worry about shipping. All this will be handled for you by ELC for.

  5. Then you extend your member status from "Private Member" to "Business Member" and insert your product, like all ELC "Business Members" do, independently in our shop.
    If you need help with the insertion into the shop, this can also be taken over by ELC.

  6. Once your product is placed in the shop, ELC will present you and your product to all members (community, newsletters, etc.) and your sales begin.
    If you wish, you can also be presented in a Live Shopping Show, which immediately results in a substantial increase in your sales.

  7. You do not have to worry about anything. You will be informed about every sale (you'll anyway have access to all vendor info as all "Business Member" have).
    Everything else, in particular the handling of the taxes, etc. will be carried out by ELC.
    For each sale, the difference between the retail price and your sales price will be credited to your account at the end of each month, of course, minus sales tax and the discount you have agreed with ELC.

That's it. Now you are an online retailer!

In the event of a failure, ELC will take back all the remaining goods. No risk at all.

In the case of corresponding success, ELC offers the spin-off and independent establishment of an own company, even an IPO at most favorable conditions.

Interested? Email to selfemployment[at]easylifecommunity[dot]com or use the respective contact form >>