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You've read completely right!
We offer - optionally (on request) and instead of a discount - up to 80%, in the ideal case even 100% purchase price refunds.

This does not only apply to our Online Shop, our Live Shopping Shows and our Permanent Trade Fair, but - as announced on our home page,

whatever, whenever, wherever you shop and how high the price may be!

How does this work?

It's easy, after every purchase in our Shop or during one of our Live Shopping Shows, you can choose - completely voluntarily and completely automatically (member menu) - whether you want to keep the discount granted or if you want to add this discount to the purchase price refunds. As said: If you buy a product or service offered by us this is automatically possible.

However, if you wish to purchase a product or service - whichever you prefer - which is not offered by us, you can simply send us a request (also in the member menu). To do so, you name the product or service and the dealer / supplier where you wish to purchase this product or service.
We then contact the dealer / vendor you named and recruit him (the company) as our "Business Member" (for the dealer / vendor absolutely free). If he (the company) cooperates with us, you can purchase the desired product or the desired service from our platform within a few days and: YOU IMMEDIATELY PROFIT FROM THE PURCHASE PRICE REFUNDING.

By the way: If the dealer / vendor mentioned by you would not cooperate with us (as a Business Member or Business PREMIUM Member), then we automatically suggest you another dealer / vendor (who cooperates with us) or we ourselves offer the product or the corresponding service you desired within only a few days for the same price in our shop.

You determine the amount of the cashback you'll get by yourself. You start with the right to 30% purchase price refunds. With every new member you invite to ELC and who follows your invitation, your percentage increase. If only five new members followed your invitation, you already have the right to 80% purchase price refunds. If one of the invited is self-employed or a company and registered as a "Business Member" or "Business PREMIUM Member", you have reached the maximum of 100% purchase price refunds.

Important information for self-employed persons and companies:
You can register yourself as a "Business Member" (free of charge) or as a "Business PREMIUM Member" at any time, and you will already benefit from our purchase price refunds - WITHOUT PAYING ONLY A SINGLE CENT FOR THIS. We carry our own cashback system ourselves!
By the way, the purchase price refunds apply not only to private persons (customers), but also to self-employed persons and companies, and above all also for all merchandise and investments.

Immediately after your registration you'll receive more information on the processing and distribution of the purchase price refunds.

Interested in a more detailed explanation for the function of the purchase price refunds - read on >>