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Private Member


Reserved for individuals.

Automatic progressive participation in the advertising revenues.
Usage rights of shares worth US $ 100.
Progressive increasing shopping discounts.
PRUCHASE PRICE REFUNDS of up to 80% (ideally even up to 100%).
Shopping commissions for all purchases of onetime invited friends.
Participation in a highly profitable automated BONUS system.
Sales commissions for all sales worldwide of all onetime invited Business Members.
Additional commissions for active cooperation.
Free-to-use services: community, classifieds, auctions, crowdfunding, news, radio & TV, entertainment and more ...
Fully risk-free option to become self-employed within the community.

More details at "What is ELC - Overview" >>

Business Premium Member


Extended "Business Member".
One-time fee $4,800.

All benefits of a "Business Member" (as listed on the left) plus:
Usage rights of shares worth $5,000.
One free and permanentely changable targeted advertising campaign.
50% rebate for up to 3 additional targeted advertising campaigns.
ne free participation in a LIVE SHOPPING SHOW per year including unlimited usage rights of the promotion video.
50% rebate for up to 3 additional participations in a LIVE SHOPPING SHOW
and especially
discounts or refunds for all own business/company shopping, including merchandise, work and office equipment, even business investments and much more ...

Details at "Business Member Info" >>

Union Leader


Union Leaders are specially trained regional group managers (similar to franchisees).

Information & Application